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Sherry Marcus

Senior Consultant

Sherry Marcus

Sherry Lynn Marcus is a proven healthcare leader with over 25 years of achievements in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. She brings to POCP her expertise in strategic business development and ability to drive solutions across marketing, sales, reimbursement, and advocacy. She is recognized as an expert in analyzing, planning, and implementing impactful go-to-market solutions impacting the patient and provider journey.

Sherry has brought to market ten specialty products as a cross-functional team leader and created three successful early-stage biotech health and digital services companies. Throughout her career, she is recognized in the industry for her creative problem solving and the innovative US and Global initiatives creating collaboration among all stakeholders.

Prior to joining Point-of-Care Partners, Sherry founded Marpe Consulting, where she supported start-up healthcare innovators in developing marketing and business plans to secure venture funding.

Sherry is passionate about shaping the future of healthcare for patients and their families in today’s increasingly complex environments through harnessing health technology and creating real innovation.

Sherry graduated from the University of Tennessee with a BS in Interior Design after studying at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She also holds a certificate in Medical Marketing from the University of California Los Angeles.

Sherry is a transplant from Washington, DC, to the Bay Area, where she and her family have enjoyed the transition to the California lifestyle. She is active in her local city government and the Youth Spirit Artworks-Tiny House project in Oakland. During her free time, she is an avid yogi, reader, and hiker.