Health Information Exchange

We partner with community, regional, private and government health information exchanges (HIEs) to boost their growth and portfolio strategies. We also facilitate the process of engaging stakeholders of the HIE to develop and implement new programs and services.

Focus Areas

Robust Voice of the Market

We draw on our extensive knowledgebase of the healthcare market to identify high impact drivers and trends with a focus on the opportunities and challenges for HIE. HIE Clients benefit from our in-depth profiles of the technology vendors serving HIEs and of dozens of HIE organizations across the U.S. Profiles cover strengths and weaknesses, strategic customers, key metrics, strategic direction and future outlook.

Innovative Strategies & Recommendations

Using Voice of the Market and data as key inputs, we work with our HIE clients to develop business plans for long-term sustainability. We develop growth strategies to expand the HIE’s market and create value-add HIE services beyond basics clinical data delivery.

We bring our HIE “best practices” playbook, covering work with more than a dozen HIEs across the U.S., to each of our HIE strategy and business planning engagements.