Point-of-Care Partners in the news, including POCP press releases and outside articles about the company.


Point-of-Care Partners Adopts ESOP Ownership: Empowering Employees to Shape the Future of Health IT, October 11, 2023

Alix Goss and Leslie Amorós to Join Point-of-Care-Partners in Next Step of Collaborators Working to Advance Interoperability, May 3, 2023


ONC touts dawn of new era of interoperability with TEFCA
Ken Kleinberg, Practice Lead, Innovation quoted in Health Data Management, January 20th, 2022


NCPDP Foundation Awards Grant to Point-of-Care Partners to Document Clinical and Patient Care Value in NCPDP’s Formulary & Benefit Standard & Added Value of Real-Time Prescription Benefit Standard
NCPDP Foundation Press Release, October 31, 2021

Innovation of Formulary and Benefit Information at the Point of Prescribing Will Yield Better Outcomes and Reduced Costs
Mike Burger, EHR Lead in Modern Healthcare, April 2021

NCPDP Foundation Awards $115,000 Grant to Point-of-Care Partners to Help Migrate NCPDP Telecommunication Standard to JSON Format
NCPDP Foundation Press Release, April 7th, 2021

New Analysis Shows Benefits of Electronic Prior Authorization for Patients and Providers-of-Care Partners Expands Team in Response to Unprecedented Changes in Healthcare Landscape 
AHIP Press Release, March 24, 2021


AHIP Press Release, March 24, 2021


Point-of-Care Partners Expands Team in Response to Unprecedented Changes in Healthcare Landscape 
PRWeb, August 17, 2020

Point-of-Care Partners Launches New Podcast Series “The Dish on Health IT”
PRWeb, April 16, 2020

Point-of-Care Partners Announces Pooja Babbrah’s Election to the 2020-2021 NCPDP Board
PRWeb, April 13, 2020


Point-of-Care Partners Adds Ken Kleinberg as Practice Lead of Innovative Technologies 
PRWeb, June 19, 2019

Point-of-Care Partners Releases In-Depth Report Advising Healthcare Stakeholders How to Reduce Frictional Costs, Improve Time to Therapy, and Succeed with ePA

PRWeb, May 6, 2019

Managed Care Magazine (page 33-34), May 2019

Point-of-Care Partners launches New Long-Term Post-Acute Care Legislative Tracking Solution

PRWeb, January 24, 2019


Point-of-Care Partners Releases Report Entitled ‘Real-Time Pharmacy Benefit Check: The Payer Value Proposition’
Newswire, November 19, 2018

Point-of-Care Partner’s Brian Bamberger to present at CBI’s 4th Annual Bio/Pharmaceutical Product Launch Summit
September 21, 2018

One Industry Expert’s View of How State Efforts to Manage the Opioid Crisis Will Affect HIT Leaders
Healthcare Informatics, February 23, 2018

Point-of-Care Partners Releases Report Showing States Taking Strong Actions to Address Opioid Crisis at the Prescription Level 
BusinessWire, January 23, 2018 


Improving Specialty Pharmacy Speed to Therapy Should be an Industry Priority
Gary Rice, Lynnae Mahaney, Anthony Schueth and Laura Topor, Specialty Pharmacy Times, June 6, 2016

Electronic prior authorization and payers: Lessons from BCBS
James R. Lang, PharmD MBA, Anthony J. Schueth MS, Managed Healthcare Executive, May 25, 2016

EHR Use a Bitter Pill for Many Physicians: Study reveals physicians’ perceptions of EHR systems and points to remedies
by Michael R. Solomon. University of Phoenix. March 14, 2016. (Michael is Point-of-Care Partners’ eCare Management Practice Lead)

Alaska: Touting the benefits of EHRs and HIE through public service announcements
by ONC, May 2013. (Note: POCP’s Kim Ball consulted on this project.)

EPrescribing up, but challenges persist

by Marla Durben Hirsch, May 7, 2013. (POCP’s HIT Perspectives article cited.)

Which Populations? Whose Health?

by Emily Friedman. Hospitals & Health Networks Daily. June 4, 2013. [POCP’s Maria Friedman is quoted.]


New York: HIE Adoption Takes OffPDF.
By ONC, Dec. 2012. (Note: POCP’s Kim Ball consulted on this project.)

Healthcare Providers See Room for Improvement in HIEs
By Marisa Torrieri, Physicians Practice, Nov. 13, 2012. (Note: POCP’s Ed Daniels is quoted.)

Safe E-prescribing: A Primer for Practices,
Physicians Practice, October 16, 2012 (POCP’s CEO, Tony Schueth contributes.) Free registration required.

United’s Vast New Web Portal Could Prompt Other Plans to Launch Online Tools, Services 
– PDF.
Health Plan Week, Dec. 8, 2008. (Note: POCP’s Michael Solomon is quoted.)

Government Incentives Fueling Growth in Physician Use of Electronic Prescribing Tools,
iHealthBeat, July 11, 2012 (POCP’s CEO, Tony Schueth contributes.)


Medical Practice Compliance Alert – PDF.
Decision Health. Vol. 23, Issue 15, August 8, 2011. (POCP’s Tony Schueth is quoted multiple times on pg. 6). (This article has been published with permission from Medical Practice Compliance Alert. To subscribe, visit

Secrets of HIE Success Revealed: Lessons from the Leaders 
– PDF.
National eHealth Collaborative. August 2, 2011. (POCP’s Michael Solomon and Ed Daniels conducted the interviews and prepared this report.)

States Begin to Allow ePrescribing of Controlled Substances by PR Newswire, U.S. Politics Today, June 2, 2011. (Note: POCP’s Tony Schueth is quoted.)

5 ways meaningful use will change your practice (HIMSS meeting)
by Pamela Lewis Dolan, American Medical News, March 21, 2011. Note: Michael Solomon, PhD, eCare Management Practice Lead for Point-of-Care Partners is quoted.

How MLR Can Hurt or Help Contract Negotiations
by Karen Minich-Pourshadi, Health Leaders Media, January 10, 2011. Sandlot is a POCP client.


Sandlot Texas Health Information Exchange Reaches 1.5 Million Patients
by Brian T. Horowitz, eWeek, November 4, 2010. Note: Michael Solomon, POCP team member is acting as a consultant for this project.

5th Annual Safe Rx Awards: Michigan is #2 for ePrescribing
Photo 17/21 shows Point-of-Care Partners CEO, Tony Schueth, accepting award.

Pharmacy Benefits
– PDF.
By Rick Byrne, HealthLeaders Interstudy, August 12, 2010. Note: Mihir Patel, a Pharmacist and POCP team member, is quoted on page 5.

NCQA/HIMSS: Connecting Health Information Technology and the Patient-Centered Medical Home
by Salvatore Volpe, EHR PHR and Patient Portals = Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), July 31, 2010. Note: This is a POCP team member’s blog.

by Antoinette Alexander, Drug Store News, July 8, 2010 Note: Tony Schueth, Point-of-Care Partners CEO & Managing Partner, is quoted.

Newly Updated Pharmacy State Law Compendium Available
– PDF.
By Point-of-Care Partners, Point-of-Care Partners Press Release, April 25, 2010

Medical Offices Get Up To Speed On Digitizing Paper Records
– PDF.
By Emmet Pearce, San Diego Business Journal, February 22, 2010 (Ed Daniels quoted)