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Point-of-Care Partners (POCP) is a leading management consulting firm assisting healthcare organizations in the evaluation, development & implementation of winning health information management strategies in a rapidly evolving electronic world.


We provide consulting services to healthcare organizations on a range of issues critical to both business performance and improving care outcomes.

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New Whitepaper: From Ignored to Impactful: Maximizing Payer Value through Formulary Validation, Intelligent Alternatives and Real-Time Benefit Check at Point of Care

In the dynamic healthcare landscape, health plans are continually seeking innovative strategies to manage drug spend efficiently while ensuring optimal patient care without adversely impacting patients. Read our whitepaper for insights into different approaches to PBM strategies, the role of Formulary data at the point of care and market innovations.

Podcast: HIMSS24 Coverage

The special episode of The Dish on Health IT episode provides insights and coverage from the recent HIMSS24 conference. Hosts Pooja Babbrah, the PBM and Pharmacy Lead and Jocelyn Keegan, Payer/Practice Lead with Point-of-Care Partners dig into their observation from HIMSS24 before reacting to stakeholder interviews from the floor of the Interoperability Showcase.

Podcast: Special 2023 End-of-Year Health IT Recap

Tune in to The Dish on Health IT’s captivating 2023 end-of-year recap where Point-of-Care Partners' experts—Pooja Babbrah, Jocelyn Keegan, and Kim Boyd—share their top 3 health IT milestones for 2023 and predictions for 2024, and the imminent Advancing Interoperability & Improving Prior Authorization rule.

Meet POCP's CEO & Founder

Tony Schueth shares his vision when starting Point-of-Care Partners 20 years ago. He explains that what makes POCP unique is that we focus on relevant subject matters and then work with different stakeholders in solving problems related to those subject matters to develop a deep understanding from various stakeholder perspectives. This holistic 360 degree view allows us to comprehensively work with our clients to solve their immediate challenges and contribute to the industry making progress toward meaningful improvements to healthcare through technology. #POCP20Years

Meet Pooja Babbrah, Pharmacy & PBM Practice Lead

Join us in celebrating 20 years of Point-of-Care Partners! Meet Pooja Babbrah, our Pharmacy and PBM Practice Lead. With nearly three decades in the healthcare industry, Pooja's passion lies in improving patient outcomes and assisting providers. She shares her journey from the early days of e-prescriptions to her current role, where she focuses on strategy, policy, and standards development. Pooja's dedication, along with our talented team, is making a real difference in healthcare. Subscribe to our channel for more inspiring stories from the POCP team! #POCP20Years

Meet Vanessa Candelora, Senior Consultant

As part of POCP's 20-year anniversary celebration, meet Senior Consultant, Vanessa Candelora. Vanessa has played a pivotal role in the HL7 Da Vinci and Gravity projects, part of the HL7 FHIR Accelerator program where she is able to collaborate with the brightest minds in the healthcare industry to build data exchange standards for greater interoperability. #POCP20Years

Meet Brian Bamberger, Life Sciences Lead & Managing Partner

Meet Brian Bamberger, the Life Sciences Practice Lead and Managing Partner at Point-of-Care Partners. With 25 years of experience, Brian's journey with POCP began two decades ago as a customer. For the last 12 years, he's been dedicated to bringing technology to life sciences, and improving health information for patients and physicians.#POCP20Years

Meet Jocelyn Keegan, Payer Provider Practice Lead

Meet Jocelyn Keegan, our Payer Practice Lead at Point-of-Care Partners. As the Program Manager for Da Vinci, she's been at the forefront of reshaping how information flows in the healthcare world. Jocelyn's expertise extends to collaborating with other HL7 Accelerators & industry leaders to build standards that address critical business problems. Jocelyn's passion stems from a commitment to fixing the fragmentation in health information. She believes in using her skills to ensure people receive the right information for better care and a healthier society. At Point-of-Care Partners, Jocelyn emphasizes the importance of reframing how the industry builds standards. The accelerators, like Da Vinci, bring together implementers, leveraging existing standards to work faster, creating a dynamic space for discourse and problem-solving.



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