Strategy & Market Intelligence

The key to executing winning health IT strategies is a clear, well-defined understanding of the challenge or opportunity and the stakeholders involved.

Working alongside our client’s leadership team, we quickly frame the business thesis and use current data and trends on the market to help the team test and revise the business thesis.

The process enables strategic decisions, business, market and product strategies, and an action plan that align with the company’s other strategic priorities and resources. Our work isn’t done until our clients know they have what’s needed to make a decision and execute.

Strategy Framework for Results

POCP employs a rigorous and rapid cycle market assessment/strategy development process to ensure that our client’s leadership team is armed with an accurate and comprehensive knowledge of the market space that is the focus of the engagement.

Robust Voice of the Market

We draw on our extensive knowledgebase of the market to identify high impact drivers and trends, and to provide an objective and candid analysis of the vendor/competitor landscape.

Voice of the Market (VOM) is provided at the macro-level and with a “deep dive” of the segment(s) of interest, including electronic health records, health information exchange, clinical decision support, population health analytics, patient engagement or mobile health.

Insightful Voice of the Business

We facilitate highly interactive discussions with the engagement’s key stakeholders to crystallize the strategic priorities of the business that are impacted by health IT. The results from the Voice of the Business (VOB) are critical to ensuring innovations and strategies under consideration are aligned with the company’s direction, portfolio, and resources.

Innovative Strategies & Recommendations

Using the VOM and VOB data as key inputs, we work with our client to further develop and refine the business thesis, create strategic options, evaluate the benefits and risks of each option, and make a decision. We bring to this critical activity a broad and deep perspective of the health IT marketplace, and a relentless focus on meeting unmet needs with strategies based on potentially disruptive technologies.