Multi-Stakeholder Collaboratives, Program Design and Management

Our clients look to us to design and lead strategic multi-stakeholder collaboratives to ensure measurable impact and tangible results.

Multi-Stakeholder Collaboratives and Targeted Programs Drive Industry Progress

Multi-stakeholder Collaboratives

At Point-of-Care Partners, we’ve broken the code to multi-stakeholder collaboratives; that is, we know the secrets to their success! Our proven track record in managing multi-stakeholder collaboratives and targeted programs is based on our experience; specifically, our 360-degree approach to solving complex healthcare challenges.

Our system fosters collaboration, shared vision, leadership and commitment across diverse stakeholder groups, relying on lessons learned and best practices from leading some of the industry’s true multi-stakeholder project success stories.

Rather than approach a healthcare issue through the lens of a single stakeholder, our program managers factor all stakeholder interests and pain points — even if they are competitors in other realms — in developing technical and business solutions. As a result, participants benefit from cost-effective program management with a shared vision and multi-faceted approach to solving complex healthcare issues.

The truth is, volunteer-led programs can face challenges with maintaining momentum, leading to delays in solution development. As a program management organization, POCP acts as an objective arbiter to oversee projects across stakeholder groups, expedite progress, coordinate and prioritize resources, manage links between the projects, track overall costs and risks of the program, measure outcomes and help participants communicate successes to senior executives. This helps participants become “heroes” in their own organization and securing future budgets a no-brainer.

The Secret Sauce: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives in Healthcare IT

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Role of Program Managers

To be sure, one secret to success is subject matter expertise. Our program managers provide technical and business process knowledge, easily earning credibility and commanding respect of other stakeholders. This multi-faceted approach supports sound decision making and typically compresses the timeframe for program goals to be met and reduces overall program management costs for our clients.

Risk-based Contract Member ID Overview

Jocelyn Keegan delivers Da Vinci Update, HL7 Workgroups, Sept. 2019

Pooja Babbrah

Pooja Babbrah shares CARIN Alliance progress, HL7 Workgroups, Sept. 2019

Jocelyn Keegan - Pooja Babbrah

Top: Jocelyn Keegan delivering Da Vinci Update, HIMSS 2019 | Bottom: Pooja Babbrah shares CARIN Alliance progress, HL7 Workgroups, Sept. 2019

Our successful track record in multi-stakeholder collaboratives and program design & management encompasses all crucial aspects including pilot management and testing, project management, product management, onboarding recruitment and training. Additionally, we can support and plan implementers’ events such as codeathons when needed to support the mission of the initiative. 

We ensure your program activities are successfully completed while looking at the project holistically. Our approach includes:

• Event planning
• Recruiting | onboarding | training
• Cross-initiative tracking | monitoring
• Defining operations | processes | best practices
• Governance through Steering | Operating Committees
• Discovery | scope definition
• Managing resources
• Public speaking | evangelism

We have managed large, complex, multi-stakeholder pilots, from the initial planning and implementation phases through measurement, assessment and final reporting. Our experience includes discovery and scope definition, managing stakeholders through Steering and Operating Committees, coordinating and training participants, pilot solution implementation tracking and monitoring, data collection and assessment, event planning, and information and communication management.

• Development of model | governance structure type
• Identify roles | responsibilities within governance committee(s)

We have extensive project management experience to keep projects on task and on time. We offer:

• Tracking | monitoring milestones, deliverables, risks
• Information | communication management
• Participant management | coordination
• Facilitation of status calls, working sessions (scheduling, agendas, meeting minutes)
• Solution implementation tracking | monitoring

We manage the entire lifecycle of a software product from inception through engineering, design and development to service and distribution of the software. Our approach includes:

• Discovery
• Requirements Gathering
• Product Development
• QA
• Pre-launch Testing
• Launch
• Post-launch assessment

We understand the value proposition to various HIT stakeholders around our SME areas. Deep relationships across complex organizations can help identify who the decision maker and “doer” is at a particular organization. We create comprehensive, but useable, extensible collateral for use by core team and industry to evangelize your work and recruit new collaborators. Because our consultants are former implementers, we have a keen understanding of provider and payer workflow, as well as a clear understanding of how, why and where to inject improvements and solutions into workflow by the right user. We also know how to target them for adoption and participation in your program.

We have worked on numerous ‘new to industry’ and ‘new to market’ solutions. We understand who potential stakeholders are, develop ‘just enough’ content, pace and ongoing support to make incremental progress.