EHR Training Programs

Unlock a new way for your sales force to serve as a trusted advisor to customers who want to optimize use of their EHR to access the products and services you provide.

Understand EHR Workstreams &
Impact on Product Utilization

We work with clients to expand their sales force knowledge around functionalities of electronic health records (EHRs). A company’s face to their customers is their sales force. Sales people educate healthcare providers about products, but it is advantageous for them to understand how EHRs work, and how they are used in clinical workflow. Through EHR-focused training, we can help your sales force remove barriers by understanding the EHR workstream.

EHR software is ubiquitous and is now used for more than just ePrescribing and patient history. Treatments, tests, durable medical equipment, non-emergency transportation and other services can also be ordered through the EHR. Clinical decision support tools such as alerts and reminders, reporting and analytics tools and features such as order sets and documentation templates are all available but may be unknown or underutilized to healthcare providers.

Much like any software we use on a regular basis, we may use just a fraction of its functionality because we learned the basics and have yet to discover the bells and whistles that could streamline our workflows. Understanding the available capabilities and how to leverage them for advantage is a key learning for today’s sales force.

EHR Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development 

POCP develops curriculum, in-person or web-based, that provides an overview of EHR functionality, with a focus on key features important to your sales efforts. These sessions are interactive and actively engage participants.

EHR Reference Guide

EHR-specific Reference Guides

POCP also creates EHR-specific reference guides for top EHRs which can be used internally by the sales force or as leave-behinds for practices. EHR reference guides include overviews of EHR processes, and in-depth graphics clearly illustrate EHR workflow and can enable clear sales force communication with providers.