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Quick Reference Tables of U.S. Laws and Regulations Governing ePrescribing  

The State Law On-Demand research brief details enacted ePrescribing regulations for all 50 states and Washington, DC. Updated within the most recent 3 months, this one-time snapshot provides easy-to-reference data that simplifies regulatory tracking and helps development teams to be proactive in planning for system updates.

In recent years, states began to enact new types of regulation to expand ePrescribing use, address opioid abuse and to support biosimilars. This year has been an explosive year for new legislative mandates, many of which directly impact how medications are prescribed through electronic health records (EHRs). The trend is rapidly accelerating, particularly as states attempt to reign in the opioid epidemic.

In 2017, 265 new ePrescribing regulations were issued across states, nearly triple the number issued in 2016.ePrescribing Regulatory Changes

Monitoring state ePrescribing legislation has always been important for vendor compliance for such things as prescription print and fax formats and rules regarding the ePrescribing transaction. All these regulations vary considerably by state and require constant monitoring to ensure products remain compliant and avoid situations that could place prescribers at risk for non-compliance.

 What’s the benefit?

  • Knowing in advance about regulatory changes that affect your product and your clients
  • Additional validation that your product complies with local and federal regulations
  • Significant time and cost savings associated with last-minute software updates to address unexpected regulatory changes
  • Cost-effective and efficient tool to maintain client satisfaction

What’s Included?

A series of tables that provide a current snapshot of regulations for:

  • Formats for printed prescriptions
  • Requirements and mandates for delivery of faxed and electronic prescriptions
  • Do not substitute/DAW designation requirements
  • Mid-Level Practitioner prescribing limits (Physician Assistants, Advanced Nurse Practitioners)
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) requirements for prescribers
  • Controlled substances prescribing limits
  • Biosimilar substitution designation and reporting requirements
  • State-specific controlled substance schedule variances
  • Contact details for state agencies (Board of Pharmacy, PDMP Programs)

Law On-Demand Examples

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Connie Sinclair

Connie Sinclair