Our Regulatory Resource Center

Stay up to date with frequent changes in U.S. healthcare regulatory requirements through our subscription solutions such as the ePrescribing State Law Review, LTPAC State Navigator and ePA State Navigator. For those who just want a snapshot in time of current regulatory status, we offer the ePrescribing State Law On-Demand.

What We Offer

Point-of-Care Partners offers four solutions to help you uncover answers to your most pressing regulatory questions:

  • ePrescribing State Law Review: A subscription-based consulting service that delivers state and federal ePrescribing regulatory intelligence. Learn more
  • ePA State Navigator: A subscription-based consulting service that delivers state and federal electronic prior authorization regulatory intelligence.  Learn more
  • LTPAC State Navigator: A subscription-based consulting service that delivers state and federal ePrescribing related regulatory intelligence with a special lens on the impact to Long-Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) settings.  Learn more
  • ePrescribing State Law On-Demand: This research brief profiles state and federal ePrescribing regulatory intelligence for all 50 states and Washington, DC.   Learn more

Industry Reports

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic at the State- and Rx-Level is a 38-page report designed for health care executives.It includes details of state responses to opioid prescribing organized around three main trends: 1) prescribing, 2) curbing fraud and abuse, and 3) preventing and treating addiction.   Learn more

Consultative Expertise

Our team members can help you quickly uncover answers to your most pressing regulatory questions. All clients in our premium portfolios receive complimentary access to our regulatory team members who are fully committed to providing the utmost quality in tracking and defining regulatory developments.

Spend less time tracking down regulations, more time on your core mission.

Drive operational and clinical efficiencies

Enhance the regulatory integrity of your solution

Exceed your client expectations

Meet Our Team

Meet Your Regulatory Resource Center Team
Tony Schueth

A 25-year healthcare veteran, Tony Schueth is an expert in HIT, in general, and one of the nation’s foremost experts in ePrescribing and eMedication Management. Tony has led numerous transformative industry initiatives and also been instrumental in advancing industry adoption of electronic prior authorization and specialty pharmacy ePrescribing through leadership roles at NCPDP. As CEO and Managing Partner of Point-of-Care Partners and interim Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the ePrescribing State Law Review, ePA State Navigator and ePrescribing State Law On-Demand, Tony brings a 360 degree view of health IT to POCP’s Regulatory Resource Center and its clients.

Keith Fisher is a pharmacist with a passion to find, develop, and use technological tools to improve patient care throughout the healthcare system. His industry, technological, and leadership experiences throughout his career journey from the hospital, to managed care, to both major drug compendia providers, to a major pharmacy benefits manager and PBM software provider have all uniquely created a wide sense of understanding of the capabilities that pharmacy technology can contribute to enhanced patient care.

Michelle Soble-Lernor

For the last 20 years, Michelle Soble has been instrumental in advancing patient care and the pharmacy profession through senior health IT, clinical and leadership roles that have allowed her to leverage her training as a clinical pharmacist and healthcare services professional with an MBA focused in Healthcare Management. As co-editor of the ePrescribing State Law Review, ePA State Navigator and ePrescribing State Law On-Demand, Michelle researches, evaluates and interprets health care regulations and statutes as they relate to health IT applications. Prior to joining POCP, Michelle was Sr. Product Director, then Principle Pharmacist for DrFirst.

Pooja Babbrah

Pooja Babbrah is Point-of-Care Partners’ Practice Lead for PBM Services. She specializes in product management, strategic planning and go-to-market strategies and execution. With more than 20 years’ experience in variety of health care services and health care IT companies, she brings a unique expertise to clients as she understands the perspectives of all stakeholders including PBMs, health plans, patients, physicians, ePrescribing, EHR vendors and hospitals/health systems. Pooja is a prior co-task group leader of the NCPDP Specialty ePrescribing task group, the biologic and biosimilar access and traceability task group and is currently co-workgroup leader of Workgroup 18 Specialty Pharmacy Workgroup.

Melissa Bundy

Melissa Bundy has 20 years of achievement in marketing and health communications. She has developed and executed strategic plans and guided the branding process for stakeholders in health IT, pharmaceutical, medical device and public health industries. As Director of the Regulatory Resource Center, Melissa works closely with POCP’s regulatory team to develop innovative regulatory solutions and educate stakeholders about the evolving regulatory landscape and the availability of new solutions.

Jeanette Nelson

Jeanette Nelson

Jeanette Nelson has more than 20 years marketing and project management experience in the healthcare industry. Jeanette’s consulting practice is focused on creating marketing programs that further patient-centric healthcare, unify business partners and simplify regulatory issues and evolving technologies for providers, payers and technology vendors. Through thought leadership, publications and events, written communications and marketing campaigns, Jeanette helps clients increase brand awareness, eliminate knowledge barriers and grow market share.

Derek Pike

Derek Pike has over 25 years of achievement in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in pharmaceutical Sales, Operations and Marketing. He serves as the front-line contact for Regulatory Resource Center clients developing strategic and tactical recommendations to ensure optimal use and understanding of POCP’s regulatory solutions. Prior to joining POCP, Derek provided management and advisor services to non-profit medial associations and developed continuing education programs for medical professionals.

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