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Deb Markson


Deb Markson

Deb Markson is a versatile executive-level information systems professional with proven expertise in developing innovative health IT solutions, leading strategy execution and creating business alliances designed to create profitable business outcomes. She has implemented successful solutions for Medicare/Medicaid programs, large and small commercial insurance groups as well as healthcare marketplace plans.

Applying her 25+ years’ experience in government contract management and corporate leadership and communication, Deb works with POCP’s Payer clients to formulate and implement programs that advance healthcare interoperability, improve member engagement and care quality. She is an expert in HL7® FHIR® and real-time standards. Before joining POCP, Deb successfully implemented a new state Managed Care Medicaid contract with a new process for passive enrollment, a care management system, two full claim system conversions and provided oversight for the creation of an innovative data warehouse with base, acquisition and presentation layer architecture.

Deb received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Harvard University and her Master of Business Administration with Information Systems focus from Regis University.