Powerful EHR Tools with EHR Guides and Build Kits

Powerful EHR Tools with EHR Guides and Build Kits

POCP develops company and brand specific resources with a variety audiences in mind​

Extensive list of topicsExtensive list of topics and capabilities to match brand strategy​

Customized to each brandCustomized to each brand to support attaining brand sales objectives​

EHR specific languageUse EHR specific language for up to 25 top EHRs including specialty EHRs​


EHR Specific and Complete for Over 25 Top and Specialty EHRs​

Both EHR Guides and EHR Build Kits use language and terms specific to the EHR and we include:​

  • EHR Guides use language specific to the EHR ​
  • Provide reference information like ICD 10 codes, lab results, etc​

Customized EHR GuidesEHR Guide Sample Combined

  • Sales team resources to accelerate your strategy and objectives in the EHR clinical workflow​
  • Customized to the EHRs that matter most to your targeted physicians​
  • Provides the specific EHR information needed so health systems and large group practices make the EHR changes needed to identify and treat more patients with your brand ​
  • Ideal for the clinical champions that make the request to implement an EHR program

EHR Build Kits

  • EHR Build Kits are for more complicated EHR programs that leverage advanced EHR capabilities for innovative clinical programs​
  • Ideal for population health and quality initiatives that help your customers succeed in today’s value-based healthcare​
  • The POCP support team has experts on call to support a practice’s implementation efforts

As a Veeva Partner, POCP develops the content, layout to match your look and feel, completes necessary referencing and performs submission to MRL with edits as required.