Programs to Apply Health IT Knowledge to Achieve Your Goals

Custom Health IT Education for Marketing and Field Teams

POCP uses extensive EHR knowledge to develop education for field teams including sales, key account manager and field reimbursement teams We provide key insights to drive sales leveraged on EHR capabilities. We customize all programs to address company-specific issues.

Field Education Action PlansUnderstanding EHRs

  • Provides the EHR knowledge so your sales teams effectively engage customers​
  • Account teams fully understand the health system EHR change process so they engage the right stakeholders with the right information
  • Provides and action plan for success


Health System Key Account Manager (KAM) EducationEHR Backgrounder

The EHR is involved in every step of a health system’s clinical workflow. Our EHR training provides KAMs the foundational EHR knowledge needed to successfully execute health system strategies. Some topics customized in our education include:

  • Identify the EHR submission and approval process and the key decision makers at a health system
  • Help health systems Implement EHR tools to:
    • Add a drug to the EHR workflow when it is added to the health system formulary
    • Identify patients with gaps-in-care related to your specific disease area
    • Better educate patients to increase adherence to prescribed therapy
    • Improve screening of patients to increase diagnosis and treatment