Life Sciences Management Consulting Solutions

Innovation. Technology. Market Intelligence.

It is crucial to stay up-to-date in a landscape with constant innovation. Our consulting legacy spans the health information technology evolution for the last two decades. We use our knowledge to assist clients in understanding how health technology can impact brands.  Our standards development experience gives us a view of the future market.  We can assess the impact of technology on marketing and sales teams in the current market and roadmap into the future. Here are examples of the types of projects we have available:

Understanding Real-Time Pharmacy Benefit and Electronic Prior Authorization

With an impact on payer rebates and compliance with formulary understanding real-time pharmacy benefit information in EHRs is growing in importance.  We have been tracking the development of this capability over the last 18 months and can produce a comprehensive overview to help companies prepare for real-time information to appear in EHRs.

Pie Chart of Top Oncology EHR Vendors

Oncology Landscape

Using our knowledge and EHR contacts, We can develop an analysis of the EHR market in the oncology space, specific to your product.  This presentation will map the oncology landscape and determine oncology EHR tools and capabilities to support introduction of a new launch.