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HIT Perspectives is POCP’s account of top health IT trends, significant healthcare events, federal policies and industry activities.


HIT Perspectives (December 2014)PDF Download

Interoperability: The Glass is More than Half Full
Biosimilars: Opportunity Knocks – Building a Better Technology Mousetrap
How EHR Vendors are Making Productive Use of Regulatory Downtime

HIT Perspectives (September 2014)PDF Download

What’s Next for EHR Market Consolidation?
Growing Use of Oral Specialty Medications to Spur ePrescribing Adoption
Real-World Evidence Comes to Mainstream Health Care

HIT Perspectives (July 2014)PDF Download

Deciphering the Mystery of Population Health Management
Meaningful Use Learnings for Pharmaceutical Companies
Surescripts Stats Show ePrescribing Rounds Third Base

HIT Perspectives (April 2014)PDF Download!

Top 10 Takeaways from HIMSS 2014
What’s Next for Meaningful Use?
Reading the Tea Leaves: Prior Authorization for Advanced Imaging Services is in Our Future

HIT Perspectives (February 2014)PDF Download

Gazing Through the Snow Globe: 10 Health IT Trends for 2014
Making the Leap: Going from Managing Episodes of Care to Populations
Accelerating ePrescribing for Controlled Substances


HIT Perspectives (December 2013)PDF Download

Not Current with ePrescribing Laws and Regulations? Ignore at Your Own Risk
Developing a Clinical Messaging Strategy for Payers: Why and How
The Real Impact of the Meaningful Use Extension: More Time in Stage 2; More Time to Prepare for Stage 3

HIT Perspectives (October 2013)PDF Download

How to Gain Traction for ePrescribing for Specialty Medications
New Toolkit Helps Payers Realize the Value of Health Information Exchange
Moving Health IT Forward in Long-Term and Post-Acute Care

HIT Perspectives (September 2013)PDF Download

Stakeholders Shine Spotlight on Improving the Quality of ePrescribing and ePrescriptions
Why Meaningful Use Attestation is Dropping and What Can Be Done About It
Using Health IT to Move Care Coordination Forward

HIT Perspectives (July 2013)PDF Download

Leveraging HIT to Improve Specialty Medication Processes
Helping Grant-Funded HIEs Achieve Financial Sustainability
Blue Button: Unlocking Data and Engaging Customers Post-Google Health

HIT Perspectives (May 2013) – PDF Download

Helping EHR Vendors Meet Customer Needs and Expectations
Surescripts Issues ePrescribing Statistics and Safe-Rx Rankings for 2012
Five Steps to ACO Success

HIT Perspectives (March 2013) – PDF Download

Seven Key HIT Takeaways from HIMSS 2013
Population Health Management: A New Market Force
NCPDP’s New Prior Authorization Standard is Nearly Ready for Prime Time

HIT Perspectives (February 2013) – PDF Download

Top 10 Under-the-Radar Health Care Trends for 2013
Putting the “HIE” in eMedication Management|
Studies Validate Benefits of ePrescribing


HIT Perspectives (December 2012)PDF Download

Implementing the ACA with HIT
Influence Meaningful Use Stage 3 Now
Smartphones and Demographics are Keys to Mobile Health

HIT Perspectives (October 2012)PDF Download

EHRs and the 2012 Presidential Elections
Patient Engagement Continues to Gain Traction
Regional Extension Centers Strive Toward a Sustainable Future
Breaking News, Industry Highlights in POCP Blog

HIT Perspectives (September 2012) – PDF Download

Meaningful Use Stage Two: Many Changes Set the Bar Higher
Electronic Medication Reconciliation: an Underutilized Resource to Help Fight the Battle over Health Care Costs
Breaking News, Industry Highlights Available in POCP Blog

HIT Perspectives (July 2012)PDF Download

Supreme Court Ruling on the ACA: Momentum Plus Opportunities for HIT
Will the FDA Regulate HIT? Yep, and It’s a Done Deal
Feds Tout EHR Adoption and Incentive Payouts, but Is It Time to Claim Victory?
Feds Try New HIT Approach to Stop Prescription Drug Abuse

HIT Perspectives (June 2012) – PDF Download

ePrescribing’s Formulary and Benefits: At a Crossroad
New Surescripts Report Assesses Progress in ePrescribing Adoption and Use
Specialty Medication Prescribing Now on the Radar

HIT Perspectives (May 2012) – PDF Download

Beyond the Details of Meaningful Use Stage 2: Implications for Stakeholders
BioIT World 2012: Toward Personalized Medicine
MIPPA ePrescribing Incentives: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly, the Future

HIT Perspectives (March 2012) – PDF Download

HIMSS12: A Boots-on-the-Ground Overview
Top 10 Themes at HIMSS12
Some Provisions of Health Reform Act Forge Ahead Despite Uncertainties of Repeal and Upcoming Election

HIT Perspectives (February 2012) – PDF Download

Electronic Prior Authorization for Medications: A Noteworthy Advancement for Payers and Pharma
HIE Sustainability Fears Hold Back Stakeholder Participation
mHealth and Health plans: 10 Reasons to Engage Now


HIT Perspectives (December 2011) – PDF Download

Surescripts Safe-Rx Awards Should Change with the Times
IOM’s Message to HIT: Clean Up Your Act or You Will Be Regulated
PCAST, Query Health and Data Segmentation: Forging a New Path Forward

HIT Perspectives (October 2011) – PDF Download

Government Issues New ACO Regulations and More
In Search of the EMR of Tomorrow
Telemedicine: Another Tool in the HIT Arsenal

HIT Perspectives (August 2011)  – PDF Download

ONC Proposes Use of Metadata for Possible Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification Criteria
HIEs: Back From the Dead?
Adding More Clinical Data to ePrescribing May Increase Niche Use Cases

HIT Perspectives (July 2011)  – PDF Download

ePrescribing Safety Study Tells Different Story than Sensational Headlines
Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs: Increasing Effectiveness Through HIT
REC Progress Update: Could ACO Formation be in the Future?
Blog Roundup

HIT Perspectives (May 2011)   – PDF Download

ePrescibing: Its Not Over Till its Over
AMA Offers Free Online Resources on Health IT Adoption
The Value of ePrior Authorization is Beginning to be Realized in HIT
AMCP Annual Meeting and Showcase: Defining the Role of Managed Care Pharmacists in the World of HIT and ACOs

HIT Perspectives (March 2011)  – PDF Download

HIMSS11: A Retrospective Boots-on-the-Ground Analysis
Surviving the HIT Buffet: Helping Physicians Make Healthy Choices
Can CMS Align Its Dueling Incentive Programs and Eliminate Provider Confusion?

HIT Perspectives (February 2011)  – PDF Download

PCAST Recommendations: A Game Changer for HIT?
The Last Mile: Boosting Physician Use of EHR Functionality
Health Insurers Start Calling the Shots for Major Health Information Exchange Vendors: What’s Next?


HIT Perspectives (December 2010)  – PDF Download

Health Reform and HIT: Not Such Strange Bedfellows After All
Is Reporting a Higher MLR and Better Bottom Line an Oxymoron
Where’s Waldo? The Search for Branded Drug Products

HIT Perspectives (November 2010) – – PDF Download

Why is ePrescribing of Controlled Substances Off to Such a Slow Start?
CMS Distributes 2009 ePrescribing Payments and Feedback
Time is Right for Pharma Brand to Look At HIT | HIT to Benefit From a CLASS Act

HIT Perspectives (September 2010) – PDF Download

SafeRx Awards Provide Touchpoint to ePrescribing Progress
Payers Can’t Afford to Turn a Blind Eye to ePrescribing
Watch Out for the New Kid on the Block: Accountable Care Organizations to Arrive on Health Care Scene

HIT Perspectives (August 2010)  – PDF Download

Now We Know: Feds Issue Regulations on Meaningful Use of Qualified EHRs
What Does Meaningful Use Mean to Stakeholders?
Meaningful Use and ePrescribing
ePrescribing In the News

HIT Perspectives (July 2010)  – PDF Download

Implementing the DEA Rule May Be More Challenging Than Anticipated
Will Vendors Take a Short or Long-Term View of Personal Health Management
The Allscripts/Eclipsys  Merger: Harbinger of Things to Come

HIT Perspectives (May 2010) – PDF Download

Comparative Effectiveness Research: The Next Big Thing?
Can You Hear Me Yet? Mobile Health Turns up the Volume
Avoiding a REC Reckoning
Judgment Day for ePrescribing of Controlled Substances

HIT Perspectives (April 2010) – PDF Download

Meaningful Use: What’s Next?
Feds Issue New Rule to Select HER Certification Bodies
NIST Issues Guidance on HER Standards Testing
ePrescribing Posts Big Gains in 2009

HIT Perspectives (February 2010)   – PDF Download

The “Big One” Hits: New Regulations Will Radically Change the HIT Landscape
A State of the Function: What does ARRA mean for ePrescribing?
Mihir Patel joins Point-of-Care Partners

HIT Perspectives (Winter 2010)  – PDF Download

Knocking Down Another Barrier: ePrescribing of Controlled Substances is Now Allowed
Gazing into the Crystal Ball: What Will the DEA Rule Mean for ePrescribing?

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