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Maria A. Friedman, DBA

Senior Consultant

Maria A. Friedman, DBA

Maria A. Friedman has been a lead expert in the development of national health information technology policy for more than a decade. Specializing in identifying and developing HIT policy and implementation issues so clients understand how to approach their next business decisions, she also advises clients on Medicare and Medicaid policy issues, strategic positioning, and consumer information.

Maria provides subject matter expertise for many POCP client projects due to her knowledge of federal healthcare and HIT programs and regulatory processes in such areas as ePrescribing, electronic prior authorization and meaningful use. She also has contributed heavily to project development and support, using her skills in writing, public relations and marketing. This includes the development of white papers; testimony to Congress and federal advisory groups; proposals; final reports; and a variety of materials for industry briefings, including handouts, background pieces, talking points and PowerPoints.

Maria has written many articles and publications, both for clients and under her own byline. She wrote “The Future is Now: Healthcare Leadership and the Electronic Health Revolution” (The Governance Institute e-Briefings, 2010), and was lead author for “Interoperable e-Prescribing in the United States: A Progress Report” (Health Affairs, 2009) and “E-Prescribing and the Medicare Modernization Act: Paving the On-ramp to Fully Integrated Health Information Technology? (Health Affairs, 2005)”—the seventh most-read paper on the Health Affairs web site in 2006.

Maria recently retired as a senior advisor to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the US Department of Health and Human Services. While there, she advised CMS and HHS on ePrescribing, HIPAA transactions and code sets, and health IT issues, including standards, outreach and implementation. She has held many other senior positions within CMS and the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research. Most notably, she was CMS’ public affairs director, overseeing all media relations, beneficiary outreach, publications and consumer education. Maria held a similar position at AHRQ as head of the agency’s public affairs and research dissemination activities. After spending a year on loan as the Executive Editor for the journal Health Affairs in 2000, she returned to CMS to conduct special projects and analyses for the deputy director of the Medicaid program before turning to HIT issues and ePrescribing under Medicare Part D.

Maria holds a Bachelor of Arts (cum laude) in English literature, a Master of Science in journalism, and a doctorate in business administration, with concentrations in management and strategy.