HIT Perspectives: The Da Vinci Project: Helping Payers and Providers Get the Most From Value-Based Care

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HIT Perspectives – April 2018


The Da Vinci Project: Helping Payers and Providers Get the Most From Value-Based Care

By Jocelyn Keegan, Senior Consultant



DaVinci Project

Initial Da Vinci Participants

As the health care system transitions to value-based care, stakeholders need new tools to share and analyze data, improve population health and clinical outcomes and cut administrative burdens. Enter the Da Vinci Project, a private-sector initiative that kicked off in late January.

Da Vinci is developing a multistakeholder process to promote and accelerate the use of Health Level 7’s (HL7) Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard for the data exchange needed for value-based care delivery. Project participants believe FHIR is uniquely positioned to bridge interoperability gaps across the many disparate systems used today to exchange clinical and administrative data between payers and providers and providers and providers.

Da Vinci’s governance model comprises payers, providers, health information technology vendors, HL7 and key government agencies. The group is focusing on specific value-based care use cases to create reference implementations that may be amenable to national solutions using FHIR-based application program interfaces. The goal is to enable improved patient care outcomes as well as empower better clinical decision making by shifting key information into provider teams’ work flow and sharing that information across organizational boundaries to ensure best care and outcomes for patients.

Initial use cases under consideration involve medication reconciliation, coverage requirements discovery, and documentation templates/coverage rules. Other likely use cases include quality measures reporting, laboratory results, value-based care member identification, ADT notifications concerning transitions in care, and electronic health records exchange to support Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set and Medicare Stars ratings.

Discovery is under way for the initial use cases. Outputs from the project are intentionally public and will be available for implementers, including implementation guides and reference implementations. These will be pilot tested to validate readiness and efficacy. Implementation guides that merit broad-based standardization will be brought into the HL7 standards development process for coordination, co-development and balloting.

Want to learn more? Please reach out to me, as Da Vinci Project Manager, at jocelyn.keegan@pocp.com. You can also follow the Da Vinci page on HL7’s website (click here).